Talk about utilizing the CCB API. Feel free to share your code so others can take advantage of your enhancements!
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Post by ccbug_admin » Wed Oct 21, 2015 5:38 pm

The intent of this document is to build a complete list of all the functions in the CCB API along with links to associated documentation. It currently contains most of the functions (or as CCB calls them "services").

  • Batch Profile by ID (batch_profile_from_id) - Return Batch profiles with a given ID.
  • Batch Profiles (batch_profiles) - Return batch profiles since a given date.
  • Batch Profiles in Date Range (batch_profiles_in_date_range) - Give a specific range of batches.
  • Import Batches (import_batches) - Create batches in CCB.
  • Transaction Detail (transaction_detail_type_detail).
  • Transaction List (transaction_detail_type_list).
  • Transactions by Family (transactions_by_family).
  • Add Individual to Event (add_individual_to_event).
  • Attendance Profile (attendance_profile).
  • Attendance Profiles (attendance_profiles).
  • Create Event (create_event).
  • Create Event Attendance (create_event_attendance).
  • Event Profile (event_profile).
  • Event Profiles (event_profiles).
  • Form Detail (form_detail) - Get all of the questions/answers options and other form details.
  • Form List (form_list) - Get a list of all forms in CCB.
  • Form Responses (form_responses) - Get submitted data responses.
  • Add Individual to Group (add_individual_to_group).
  • Add Individual to Queue (add_individual_to_queue).
  • Create a Group (create_group).
  • Create Group Position (create_group_position).
  • Group Needs (group_needs).
  • Group Participants (group_participants).
  • Group Positions (group_positions).
  • Group Profile from ID (group_profile_from_id).
  • Group Profiles (group_profiles).
  • Position list (position_list).
  • Remove Individual from Group (remove_individual_from_group).
  • Update Group (update_group).
  • Update Group Position (update_group_position).
  • Add Individual to Position (add_individual_to_position).
  • Add Significant Event for Individual (add_individual_significant_event).
  • Individual MICR (create_individual_micr) - Magnetic Ink Character Recognition - bank routing and account number.
  • Community Login (individual_id_from_login_password) - The ID for an individual.
  • Create Individual (create_individual).
  • Execute Saved Search (execute_search) - Returns a list of individuals who match query.
  • Family Detail (family_detail) - Return details about specific family.
  • Family List (family_list).
  • Individual Attendance (individual_attendance).
  • Individual Availability (individual_availability).
  • Individual Calendar Listing (individual_calendar_listing).
  • Individual Fit (individual_fit) - What is this individuals abilities, passions, and spiritual gifts?
  • Individual Groups (individual_groups) - What groups is this individual a part of?
  • Inactivate Individual (inactivate_individual).
  • Individual Notes (individual_notes).
  • Individual Profile from ID (individual_profile_from_id) - Return a profile of an individual based on provided ID.
  • Individual Profile from Login and Password (individual_profile_from_login_password).
  • Individual Profile from MICR (individual_profile_from_micr).
  • Individual Profiles (individual_profiles).
  • Individual Queues List (individual_queues).
  • Individual Search (individual_search).
  • Merged Individuals (merged_individuals) - Return a list of individuals who have been removed from the system by the merge feature.
  • Saved Search Listing (search_list) - Return a list of saved searches.
  • Set Individual Credentials (set_individual_credentials) - Set a username and password for a specified user.
  • Significant Events for Individual (individual_significant_events) - Returns a list for specified individual.
  • Update Individual (update_individual).
  • Update Individual Ability (update_individual_availability).
  • Update Individual Fit (update_individual_fit).
  • Valid Individuals (valid_individuals) - Returns a list of all individuals in CCB.
  • Process List
  • Process Managers
  • Queue Individuals
  • Queue List
  • Queue Managers
  • To Be Added
  • Public Calendar Listing
  • Campus List
  • Custom Field Label Listing
  • Group Finder
  • Import Online Gifts
  • Mobile Carrier Listing
  • Online Giving
  • Update Custom Field Labels
  • Resource List (resource_list).

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Post by dbough » Wed Feb 17, 2016 4:12 pm

Has anyone noticed that calling add_individual_to_event doesn't seem to work? http requests go through fine, but an individual is never added to an event when that happens.

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Re: The API

Post by ccbug_admin » Sat Sep 02, 2017 3:53 pm

Did you ever find a resolution to this issue? We have successfully been adding individuals to events.

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