KB: What Happened to My API Calls?

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KB: What Happened to My API Calls?

Post by ccbug_admin » Sat Dec 05, 2015 4:12 pm

One day I checked how many API calls we could make to CCB in a day - the API reported back 30k.

I tried to run an API call, the API replied that I had no remaining calls available for that day.

This was confusing - I was the only person using the API and this was my first API call. What was going on?

Long story short, it ends up that when they first setup SecureSearch they bump up the API limits (from the usual 10k to 30k). Apparently SecureSearch must require a bunch of API calls when it first gets integrated. It was SecureSearch that utilized all our API calls!

So what? Well, this has several practical points:

1. If you suddenly run out of API calls for no apparent reason, you've probably integrated with some software that is using these calls.

2. Be aware that if you are running API processes and you add in an integration you may end up with a shortage of API calls. 

For example, imagine that you are using PCOSync to link up CCB with Planning Center Online (PCO) and that this requires 2,000 API calls per day.* 

Now you decide you want to integrate with SecureSearch which requires 29,000 API calls per day.*

Assuming that CCB raises your API limit to 30k, you'd still end up being unable to make 1k API calls (29k+2k = 31k, but only 30k API calls available).**

3. If your API limits skyrocket (say from 10k to 30k), suspect that CCB has temporarily raised the limit in order to install an integration.

*The numbers I have chosen have no link with the real usage of these integrations, they are just examples. If someone has the real numbers, I'm happy to plug them in instead.
**I'm sure you can work with CCB on this to ensure they give a high enough limit that there isn't a conflict. This is more just something to be aware of - each integration is going to cost you API calls.

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