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Pushpay Integration

Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 1:34 pm
by ccbug_admin
Currently working through implementing a Pushpay integration into CCB. Figured I'd share what we learned thus far...
  • Only one church can have a given name for texting. e.g., if another church uses your name (e.g. nameofchurch) anywhere you'll need to choose another keyword for your church (e.g. nameofchurchstate, etc.). This didn't end up being a problem for us, but just a heads up.
  • They prefer to have a keyword for each campus (e.g. nameofchurchnameoftown - ex. bigchurchcorpuschristi) however they do offer a landing page feature. This is where you setup a page on your server which they then set as the text keyword URL, so people receive this URL when they text your keyword. They hit this page and you have created your own page that displays all the campuses and allows one to choose the desired campus and from there it redirects to the Pushpay giving interface.
    • In our instance, I wrote a HTML/JavaScript page that featured a dropdown and a Go button and redirected to each campus.
    • We were using WordPress, so this was a bit more complicated, as one probably doesn't want the rest of the site to load. If this is an issue, let me know and I can offer some pointers.
  • There is no split giving functionality. That is, if one wants to make a donation to fund1 and fund2, one cannot say "give $1,000, split $500 to fund1, $500 to fund2", instead you'll need to do "give $500 to fund1, okay, now give $500 to fund2."
  • When transactions are transferred from Pushpay into CCB they appear as "online" rather than as "check" or "cash".
  • If a third-party integration adds transactions into CCB (such as Focus Missions), those transactions are not synced to Pushpay and will not be reflected in their user interface.
  • Pushpay doesn't import YTD transactions, so one has to have congregants check two locations (CCB and Pushpay) to view all of their giving until the next calendar year.
  • The ability to specify how many times a recurring payment should occur is not enabled by default, but can be enabled by Pushpay if requested (e.g. sometimes one gives on an ongoing recurring basis, sometimes one may have a separate gift for a specific campaign, event, etc. that has an end date).
    • However, this functionality is not currently available in the Android Pushpay app.
I'd love to hear from other churches:
  • How you manage your offline giving versus online giving?
  • How you send statements?
  • How you handle communicating about the necessity of using both CCB and Pushpay to view giving during the first calendar year?
  • What your ongoing customer service experience has been like?
  • Do you use other payment processors and how they integrate into CCB/Pushpay?
More later...