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Master Admin Access :: Volunteer

Post by MarcyCarrico » Sun Mar 13, 2016 3:27 pm

I'm currently MA on our CCB System. This, of course, means I have full access - to everything. I'm also a volunteer which means I cannot be 'fired.' (My MA title can be transferred, of course.) We're thinking about adding in financials which would then give me - as a volunteer - access to sensitive info. I've signed a confidentiality agreement as well as have a letter on file removing me as MA (all our Pastor has to do is sign and fax). Any thoughts? We don' t have an XP on staff. We do have an Elder over finance (volunteer) as well as a volunteer finance team. And let's add another wrinkle in the fiber. My husband is on the finance team.

Thoughts or comments?

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Re: Master Admin Access :: Volunteer

Post by ccbug_admin » Fri Aug 26, 2016 6:11 pm

Hi Marcy,
Did you come up with a resolution to this issue?
It sounds to me like you took some great steps up front - e.g. setting up the letter, signing an NDA - more than a lot of churches probably do.
Is anyone concerned about these issues at the church or are you bringing these subjects up yourself?
IMHO, working with an IT (computer) system requires that a certain amount of trust be extended to the individual doing so. To me this is part of the ethic of working in IT - while I have oftentimes had access to materials for purposes of systems setup / management / security I use this access only to accomplish my given duties. It sounds like you already share this ethical belief with me.

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