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Selecting a License

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2015 3:23 pm
by ccbug_admin
If you are distributing code through the CCB User Group you should select a license under which others can use it.

The simplest type of licensing is to place code in the public domain. This means anyone can do anything they want with it - literally anything.

If you want to maintain more control over your code you can create your own license or use one of the many licenses already available.

If you are looking to use a preexisting license consider the following:
  • Creative Commons - Offers a large number of licensing options.
  • GNU - The most popular license is probably the GPLv2 (used by WordPress, etc.). They have several other options as well.
See the Open Source Initiative's Licenses & Standards page to see a more exhaustive list of available options (e.g., Apache, BSD, MIT, Mozilla Public).