Individual Profile from Login and Password (individual_profile_from_login_password)

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Individual Profile from Login and Password (individual_profile_from_login_password)

Post by ccbug_admin » Sat Sep 02, 2017 4:28 pm

Service Description:
Allows one to retrieve a user's profile given their username and password.
Potential Uses:
This can be useful as a form of single sign on. For example, if you have a custom built application you could use this service to allow individuals to login to your custom application using their CCB credentials.
For Curl:

Code: Select all

curl -u username:password -d "login=usersusername&password=userspassword" ""
To Be Added
  • Community Login Service - Provides only the profile ID, not the entire profile.
  • Individual Profile From ID - Returns the entire profile given the profile ID.

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