State of CCBUG Update: 8/26/16.

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State of CCBUG Update: 8/26/16.

Post by ccbug_admin » Fri Aug 26, 2016 6:04 pm

CCBUG has languished over the last number of months as I have been focused on a number of projects in other technology areas but I did not forget about or abandon the site and now as duties call me back to more interaction with CCB, especially in relation to the API, I'm happy to have some more time to work on this forum and hopefully build it into a responsive community around all things CCB.
Within the last month a few major changes have taken place on CCBUG:
[ul][li]We moved from MyBB to phpBB for our forum software![/li]
[li]We implemented additional anti-spam security measures![/li]
[li]We implemented a WYSIWYG post editor![/li][/ul]
I hope this will result in a few major benefits for CCBUG:
[ul][li]The forums will be more robust.[/li]
[li]The spammers will by hampered in their attempts.[/li]
[li]Posting articles will be quick and intuitive.[/li][/ul]
Is there are any features you'd like to see for the site, please let me know.


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