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December 2015 CCB Update Summary

Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:04 pm
by ccbug_admin
So, I'm a tiny bit behind. :) Here is a brief summary of the changes in the latest CCB update (November 25, 2015). You can read the full details over on the official CCB blog:
[ul][li]December 2015: First Fixes.[/li][/ul]
[li]Public Calendar for Campuses was showing all events instead of those specific to the campus.[/li]
[li]Facilities Calendar now allows admins to see facility utilization at their campus even if the event is being created by a group from another campus.[/li][/ul]
[ul][li]Check Out Report now includes a column for Photo ID and if a pickup person was manually entered using "Other" fields, their information is displayed as a check-out record on the report.[/li]
[li]Security Code Printing was sometimes not printing security codes when they were desired if a member of a family had registered at a name tag only station, now security code printing will not be overridden automatically by previous family check-in.[/li]
[li]Room Roster Report no longer prints an unnecessary cover page.[/li][/ul]
[ul][li]Emails with Special Characters could not be sent through one's Friend's list within CCB.[/li][/ul]
[ul][li]Recurring events with a first occurrence that didn't follow the recurring pattern of the rest of events was not displaying.[/li]
[li]CK Editor added to event descriptions and invite text editors, ability to enter custom HTML tags removed.[/li]
[li]Did Not Meet button was not working.[/li][/ul]
[ul][li]Error message regarding ProfitStars setup sometimes occurred and referenced BluePay (another product), now error correctly references ProfitStars.[/li][/ul]
[ul][li]Updated text to director change warning notice.[/li]
[li]The public group search email leader button has been clarified to email leader(s).[/li][/ul]
[li]Mail Merges[/li]
[ul][li]Test Mail Merges sent on another's behalf was not showing the "on behalf of's" email address.[/li]
[li]Access now available to Mail Merge admins for Previous Recipients List report.[/li]
[li]Deceased spouses are no longer included on mailing labels.[/li][/ul]
[ul][li]One could not add recipients to a mail merge from an Android device.[/li][/ul]
[ul][li]Multiple emails regarding request needs are no longer sent to group members.[/li][/ul]
[li]Process Queues[/li]
[ul][li]Ability to see all processes at a campus not only those a processed manager owns has been removed.[/li][/ul]
[ul][li]Church Leadership Only privacy setting now allows Coaches and Directors of an individual's group.[/li]
[li]CCB now better handles when a Primary Contact is deceased and ensures the family still has a living primary contact.[/li]
[li]When looking at a profile there are now inactive tags next to inactive positions.[/li][/ul]
[ul][li]"Reports are continuing to receive numerous improvements, including in the report settings modals, outputs, title, headers, 'Actions' drop-down menu, contextual reports, fonts, number formats, sorting, tooltip information, data alignment, totals, and printing." (directly from blog post)[/li]
[li]Schedule Detail report no longer displays blank white page.[/li]
[li]Event List CSV now only shows date in date column.[/li]
[li]Birthday List Export no longer shows incorrect birth dates.[/li]
[li]Reports no longer allow mid-word wrapping; have reduced font size for those w/15-20 columns, and reduced padding between columns.[/li]
[li]Printable Directories based off saved search results now actually display the saved search results.[/li]
[li]Process Reports configured with Date Range selection were showing only individuals added to the process, not those marked as done.[/li]
[li]Transactions by Category Report has been removed.[/li]
[li]Attendance Grouping Summary now includes those with no attendance.[/li]
[li]Annual Summary by Categories now uses correct date range.[/li]
[li]Spouses now included in Printable Directory who previously weren't due to their birthdate.[/li]
[li]Several attendance reports now have expandable summary rows.[/li]
[li]Data Table Reports with 500+ rows now paginate every 500 rows and one can no longer print them directly, instead must export to Excel first.[/li]
[li]Dynamic Report Headers now display the correctly number of records when you filter report results.[/li]
[li]Fonts now increase on reports with fewer columns to improve readbility.[/li][/ul]
[ul][li]File names in logged-out schedules no longer scrolling on top of footer.[/li]
[li]One can now view logged out schedule assignments without needing to login after accepting assignment.[/li][/ul]
[ul][li]event_profile now includes <listed> and <public_calendar_listed>[/li]
[li]Updating individuals zip codes to an invalid zip now generates a better error message.[/li]
[li]create_individual now properly formats phone numbers with campus locale setting.[/li]
[li]transaction_detail_type_list service simplifies listing COA categories in the same order as in CCB UI.[/li][/ul]