Fuller HTML Support for Mail Merge Emails

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How important is fuller HTML support in mail merge emails?

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Fuller HTML Support for Mail Merge Emails

Post by ccbug_admin » Wed Nov 11, 2015 5:07 pm

Today I was working on an email to be sent out via mail merge. I added a few divs with custom background colors and with text color of white so it showed up well against the background. This displayed perfectly in the CCB email editor but when I sent a test email to myself it dropped the custom background colors making much of the text unreadable (lesson: always send yourself a test email before sending out a message!).

I'd love to see better HTML support within CCB - I'm going to list this as a general need, but for me specifically, the need regards an inability to set a background color for divs (you also can't set a background-image).
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