Ability to Customize Forms

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How important is the ability to customize forms?

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Ability to Customize Forms

Post by ccbug_admin » Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:59 pm

There is very limited customization that can occur with forms. For example:
  • You have to give a form a title which will display on the form. (This means even if you have a header image that includes a description of the form you still have to include the text header)
  • The editor for adding image/description is extremely small, you can only add images when rich text is off.
  • There is no automatic image upload feature, you have to click on the image button (or write the HTML yourself) and also find hosting for the image (you can store images in a group created for that purpose, but you still have to upload it to that group, get the URL in CCB of the image, paste the link into CCB).
  • There is no ability to add a background to the form.
What other limitations are you experiencing when designing forms?

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