Customizable Closed Form Messages

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How important are custom form expired and unpublished pages?

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Customizable Closed Form Messages

Post by ccbug_admin » Thu Dec 03, 2015 11:21 am

What happens when you want to close a form temporarily but not archive it permanently? Say, if you have a form for baptisms that contains upcoming available dates, but once these dates have passed you want to close the form?

You can either have the form expire and see this:

Or you can unpublish the form and see:

Neither of these screens is very user friendly. It would be great if we could customize the message displayed here on a per form basis.

That said, a workaround in the meantime is simply to remove the link from your site. This will significantly reduce (possibly eliminate) the traffic that form receives, but it does still open you to some unfortunate circumstances:
  • If the link was sent in an email, it will still be active.
  • If the link was shared on social media, it will still be active.
  • If search engines have indexed the link, it will still show up in search results.

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