Report That Shows Whether Attendance Taken Or Not

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Report That Shows Whether Attendance Taken Or Not

Post by ccbug_admin » Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:46 pm

Right now we have all of our small groups who are holding "events" on a regular basis at which the small group leaders take attendance. Sometimes a small group does not meet, sometimes the leader doesn't take attendance.

One can post attendance without anyone meeting, but when one tries to generate a report that shows which groups did not report attendance it shows both those that didn't meet and reported attendance as well as those that didn't report attendance at all lumped into one category.

For us this is hundreds of groups, having to go to each individual event to see if attendance was posted is not tenable. We need a report that shows those groups that did take attendance (even if they didn't meet).

This could be added to an existing report or a new report could be created entirely.

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